Bridge Builders are in the movie business – at least we want to be. It depends on whether we can raise the finance.

Each year, we plan a documentary researched, written, produced, directed and edited by young people. The movies, which will be distributed on DVD to schools and local organisations and screened at events organised by the Bridge Builders, will be made with the guidance of David Taylor, a veteran TV producer and chairman of Bridge Builders In Unity.

The title of our first 30-minute documentary is HEADS UP - Hoodies to Hijabs, Turbans to Tiaras.

It will explore why some of us cover our heads, while others don’t. Why do Sikhs wear turbans? Why must Catholic boys go bare-headed in church? Why the Muslim hijab, the Jewish skull-cap, the shaven-headed Buddhist? Why does the Queen wear a crown and princesses tiaras? Did hoodies evolve from the cowls of Christian monks?

Less than a century ago in the UK, nobody left home without a hat. At an East Ham football match in the 30s, everyone wore a cloth cap. Trilbys, top-hats, Easter bonnets – why did they disappear? HEADS UP finds out how fashion, culture and religion dictate how we cover our heads.

Bridge Builders need young writers, researchers, producers, directors, camera-people, sound recordists, editors. As soon as we have a team together, we’ll write a script and seek funding.

If you’d like to be involved in HEADS UP - in whatever role – please contact David Taylor at or call him on 01303 226 234.